Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Cuisine is known for its abundance. A platter full of meat, vegetables, fruits and sweet dish is quite a common sight on the Moroccan dinner table. It reflects the ampleness of the country’s natural products and acts as a mirror to the culture of Morocco. Apart from this the cuisine of Morocco is also special because of its diversity, which is due to the strong influence of foreign countries over Morocco. The Berber, Moorish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African cuisines make a lovely blend to form the Moroccan cuisine. Then over the years cooks from the major cities of Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat have worked hard to polish it further and make the cuisine as delicious and sumptuous as it is now.

One of most liked dishes in the Moroccan cuisine is the world famous ‘Couscous’, made of semolina grains and is usually served with bisteeya, a toothsome pie of three- tiers. Some of the other favorite Moroccan cuisines include Tajine, Tanjia and Harira. Among meats, chicken is most widely consumed in Morocco, followed by beef and lamb. Some of the favorite Moroccan meat preparations are Ferakh Maaner, Mililna, Boulfaf, Tanjia and Mourouzia.

For desert they prefer kaab el ghzal, a pastry puffed with almond paste and garnished with sugar. They also specialize in honey cakes, Rozz bel Hleeb, Halwa, Shebakia and many more. The most popular and traditional drink of Morocco is green tea with mint. They also make good beet juice and grape juice.

If we talk of Moroccan cuisine then we definitely cannot do without the spices. Moroccan cuisine is actually incomplete without the use of spices. Commonly used spices include karfa (cinnamon), kamoun (cumin), kharkoum (tumeric), skingbir (ginger), libzar (pepper) , tahmira (paprika), anis seed, sesame seed, kasbour (coriander), maadnous (parsley), zaafrane beldi (saffron) and mint.

Though Moroccan cuisine is best cooked in Moroccan homes, you could also try the Morocco cuisine as dished out in the following restaurants:

–   Restaurant Caverna in Agadir
–   Restaurant Daffy in Agadir
–   Al Mounia in Cassablanca
–   Cafe-Restaurant des Dunes in Erfoud
–   Zagora Restaurant in Fez
–   Le Pavillon in Marrakesh
–   Restaurant el Jamahir in Rabat
–   Restaurant Entrecete in Rabat
–   Chez Hammadi in Tangier.