Culture of Morocco

Magical Morocco will mesmerize you with its myriad colorful motifs and most of them lie embedded in the rich culture of Morocco. Throughout the ages, numerous races have come down to Morocco from the various corners of the world and have been absorbed into the mainstream of Moroccan society. Their particular customs, traditions and beliefs have influenced Moroccan culture, giving it a unique multi-cultural identity.
Arts and Crafts In Morocco

Exquisite is one word that aptly describes the artistic works of Morocco. The Moroccan artisans are known all over the world for their intricate woodworks, most of which are sculpted and painted ornately. The colorful and the beautifully adorned pottery done by the Berber people of Morocco is also very popular amongst the tourists.

However, amongst the various handicrafts of Morocco, it is her lovely carpets that will leave you wonderstruck. Every carpet has a story to tell about one particular aspect of Morocco culture and her people.
Music and Dance In Morocco

The multi-ethnic character of the culture of Morocco is nowhere more evident than in her music and dance forms. The predominantly Arabic population in Morocco has given its music a mellifluous Arabic tone but you can also detect significant Andalusian strains in Moroccan music.

Besides you have in Morocco the village and ritual music brought on by the Berber people, the rock-influenced Chaabi music, the Algerian Gharnati form of music and the languorously mystical Gnawa music of the Sub-Saharan people.

There are also many dance forms prevalent in Morocco, the most prominent amongst them being the Guerda Dance, the Casbah Dance and the very exotic and the very enchanting Belly Dance.