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Where is Morocco? Morocco is located in north western Africa, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. It is bordered by Algeria to the east and Mauritania to the south.

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The official languages are Moroccan Arabic and Tamazight, however French is the recognized business and higher education language. Tamazight language has declared as an official language since 2011 and it is spoken by a large majority of Moroccan Berbers also known as Amazigh people (native Moroccans). Due to its proximity to the southern coast of Spain, many people in the northern regions of Morocco speak Spanish, while English and German are often spoken in popular tourist destinations.


Islam is the state religion of Morocco.

Political system

Officially called the Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco is a constitutional monarchy. Mohammed VI is the present King of Morocco. He was born on 21 August 1963 and ascended to the throne in July 1999.


The Capital of Morocco is Rabat, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean.


Dirham is the official currency of Morocco.   For up to date exchange rates visit:

Electrical system

Morocco voltage is 220V, 50 Hz (two pin round plugs). Always check your laptop or electronic items to make sure they can handle 100-240 volts

Internet access

Internet cafes are widely popular in Morocco, making it easy for visitors to access the internet. Internet Café’s generally open early and close late. Many hotels also offer wireless access, but always be careful to understand all fee’s and charges upfront. The internet country code for morocco is .ma.

International calling Information:

Country Phone code: 212

Calling Morocco from the states +212 (destination number)

Calling USA from Morocco: +1 (area code) + (destination number)

Airlines fly to Morocco

Morocco is an easily accessible from most European and northern American countries. You can search for flights at any of your favorite travel websites (,,, etc), or you can directly book flights using the website of airlines that fly to Morocco (see below).

Most major airlines operate service to/from Morocco. Popular airlines include:

Royal Air Maroc: Operates direct flights from New York, Paris, Madrid, London and Most other European destinations.

Iberia: Operates direct flights from Spain

Air France: Operates direct flights from France

British Airways: Operates direct flights from England

Ryan Air: Prominent discount airline offers flights to major Morocco cities from multiple European destinations.

Visa :

No visa is required for American, Canadian and European visitors to gain entry to Morocco.

Clothing restrictions

Typically women and men in Morocco wear the traditional all covered ca “Jelabas”. In addition, women typically wear scarves “Hijab” (to cover the hair) while older men wear hats. However, in the more metropolitan area’s western style clothing is the norm. Younger generations, professional women wear western suits in the business world, and transition to more western clothing (shirts/blouses, tank tops, jeans, shorts, skirts, etc) in a more relaxed environment. Similarly professional young men wear western style suits, shirts and jeans, shorts, etc. The choice of clothing depends largely on location (town/city) age, economic status and occupation of the individuals.

As a tourist visiting a beach destination it is acceptable to wear a 1 or 2-piece bathing suit while at the beach, and the same logic holds true to for hotel swimming pools. Local people who might get offended, do not often go to the beach.

Dress appropriately on tours of mosques, holy places and small, rural village (particularly small towns and villages in the southern part of Morocco). You should be respectful of local culture and will need to dress conservatively.

Drink tap water

Tap water is safe to drink, however bottled water is available and relatively inexpensive

Bottled water is recommended.

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